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merle bernedoodle puppies for sale in indiana
Welcome to Meadow Lane Puppies!

Hello, my name is Anne Wagenbach. Growing up at Sunshine Acres, I've worked with puppies for as long as I can remember. My parents started Sunshine Acres in 2001 and have been providing families with happy, healthy puppies for many years. In 2018, they began incorporating the Bernese Mountain Dog into their Irish Goldendoodle hybrid, resulting in the adorable and family friendly pet, the Bernese Irish Goldendoodle, which we like to call the B.I.G. Doodle. That started my journey with the Bernese Mountain Dog, and led to me wanting to start raising the Bernedoodle myself! While I was searching for the perfect purebred Poodle puppy, I discovered how difficult it is to find a breeder who did all the health, genetic, and color testing with their parents that I required for my new puppy. So I decided to also raise purebred poodles with all the testing done on my parents that a good breeder (and families who want a healthy puppy) would require. And that is where I am today!

Submit an application as your first step towards meeting your new BFF (Best Furry Friend)!

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